Lyra Health: Tackling Behavioral Healthcare

By Bob Kocher and Bryan Roberts

Chances are, you or someone you love has faced a behavioral health issue that required help from a professional. Many of you, though too few given nearly 70% of people in need go undiagnosed and untreated, then found yourself attempting to navigate the system to identify the clinicians and services to match your needs, only to encounter a fragmented maze of information that is not specific, actionable, or up-to-date. With 50 million Americans suffering from behavioral health conditions – anxiety, depression, substance abuse – this is a massive problem. A massive problem that also leads to needless medical costs and complications for patients with untreated behavioral health conditions.

Today, Lyra Health emerged from stealth mode, with seed funding from Venrock. This company lies at the intersection of two of our favorite things: killer teams and large, difficult problems. Led by David Ebersman, Lyra is bringing together terrific talent from Castlight and LinkedIn to transform behavioral health to better serve patients, help patients get better faster, and to learn from the experiences and outcomes of each patient to benefit future patients.

Health IT has been booming recently with much of the focus on lowering healthcare costs by helping patients with chronic diseases get better medical care. Unfortunately, over 35% of these patients also suffer from behavioral health issues, which materially impedes the efficacy of their medical care, while dramatically increasing the associated costs. Working on improving behavioral health for them, as well as the millions of others who suffer from primary mental health issues, will improve health in these patients and spare billions in costs.

Lyra is going to change how people access and participate in their behavioral healthcare. The company will use software and service to bring the best solution to those in need. With each encounter, Lyra will get better at matching patients to providers, learning which approaches work most effectively, and when to intervene if patients are not improving. Like many of our other health IT investments – Athenahealth, Aledade, Doctor on Demand, Castlight, Grand Rounds, Stride Health, Zenefits – Venrock is lucky to partner with amazing entrepreneurs at the company’s formative stages in order to create a product and service that can help so many people.

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